Headpcb(CXH Electronic co.,ltd)

Sherry Lee
Business Activities
  • PCB & PCBA
  • Double-Sided PCB
  • FPC
  • Multilayer PCB
  • Rigid PCB
Company Introduction
Headpcb(CXH Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd) is a leading Manufacturer specializes in offering PCB(Printed Circuits Board) with years manufacturing experience!

With the helps of an inner Research & Developing Department which is equipped with professional technicians and the state-of-the-art equipments. Headpcb is committed to offering quality & precision Printed Circuits Board(Rigid/Flex/Rigid & Flex PCB) for worldwide markets!

Headpcb is your reliable one-stop PCB solution supplier! Fast Prototyping and Quick-Turn Production services are available as well as Large-Volume Production! High-Mix & Low-Volume orders are also welcome!

Headpcb produces its PCB in a High-tech equipment armed factory plants, with the abundant experience and powerful technology in manufacturing PCB (Auto Laminating/Auto V-Scoring/AOI/Routing/Drilling/PTH/Plating/Etching Technology…), we are able to produce high-density & delicate multi-layer quality PCB!

Headpcb’s esteemed customers come from various business fields from every corner of the World! And our products and service are highly appreciated by customers! The customers take delight in cooperating with us as a long-term business partner because our updating technology can meet their requirements and keep them catching the fashion of the PCB field anytime!

Any inquiries and suggestions on Headpcb are cordially welcome!

We can offer all of these benefits…

Technical Supports available anytime.

Prompt Response to quotation requests.

Competitive Pricing.

Full Quality Release available.

For all your Circuit requirements. Friendly & Approachable Service