Hawkeyes international

Raza Javaid
Business Activities
  • Uniforms & Workwear
  • Cotton Gloves & Mittens
  • Embroidery Crafts
  • Knitted Fabric
  • Leather Product
Company Introduction
Hawkeyes International
offer a high quality of workmanship to our valuable customers for their requirements in hand embroidered bullion blazer badges, banners, Cap Peaks(Visors), Masonic embroideries, Leather Key Fobs, Catholic Church embroideries, Vestments, Crosses done by our expert embroiderers at our workshop. You might be looking for a reliable source of supplies for your requirements, so here we are to serve you for your entire satisfaction in regard to quality, prices and deliveries. Please feel free to offer us any creative custom design and specification as on trial basis for your own satisfaction
Hawkeyes International
We also specialize in offering quality ww1/ww2 repro German uniforms, caps, awards, and insignia for collectors, re-enactors, museums and films .We got into business in 2006 .The German awards are copied from original award or top quality replica, featuring superb details. Every garment is custom made by our mastered tailors to fit you and your dimensions.
Hawkeyes International
also offer Bullion wire embroidered Badges for all types of organizations. With over thirteen years combined experience creating the finest badges. We would like the opportunity to assist you with your entire hand embroidered badge needs. Our services will help you achieve the effect and outcome you desire at the best price. Hope to be a partner of your company.
Hawkeyes International
is deal in the following items too.
Embroidery products includes; Hand Embroidered Silk thread & bullion wire Badges, Emblems, Blazer badges, Cap badges, Military badges, Navy badges, Air force badges, Club badges, Banners, Flags, Pennants, Wings, Cloth badges, Family Crests, Coats Of Arms, Clan Crests, Patches, Clan badges, Insignia , Rank insignia , Gold & Silver bars, Gold & Silver laces, Gold & Silver Braids, Gold, Cap Peak, Shoulder slider, Shoulder boards, Epaulette , Uniform accessory etc .Please visit our badges site
Our commitment to you is Competitive Prices, Great Services and Excellent Quality Products, Timely Delivery. Resulting in Complete Satisfied Customers
I guarantee u will love us. I assure you our prices will be cheaper than your local suppliers’ prices.
Thank you & have a wonderful day!