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David Silaen
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Company Introduction
Ecko is established upon the passion of a group of cycling enthusiasts to promote cycling and bicycle in a unique way. We act under the banner of providing a unique purchase and service experience to our customers. We are committed to becoming a hub for cycling enthusiasts, providing the highest level of service and outstanding products at fare prices.

We promote cycling for healthy lifestyle, family and community activities and as a viable green solution to road congestion and pollution in Jakarta and elsewhere.

We put an emphasis on customer experience, operating in pleasant and centrally located shops that foster welcoming atmosphere with the intent to become a meeting point for riders.

We are qualified bike mechanics. We take pride in our profession and we try to ever improve and excel in our service. We equipped our workshops with state of the art tools to be able to provide the best craftsmanship.

We have chosen to represent leading brands not only because of their uncompromising product quality but also thanks to their customer orientation and passion to the sport.