Mirwais Fakhri
Business Activities
  • Laptops
  • Electric Wrenches
  • Electrical Contacts and Contact Materials
  • Waste Management
  • Air Beds & Mattresses
Company Introduction
Fakhri Sidiqi Logistic Services Company (FSL Co) is a Afghanistan based distribution business focused on the supply of wood products, gravel, equipment and materials related to construction , Fire and Safety, Electro- mechanical and general consumable products and services.
Fakhri Sidiqi Logistic Services Company (FSL Co) is established by the owners of FakhriZada Construction Company (FZCC) in order to carry out all the LOGISTIC SERVICES of the company. FZCC is involved in the construction projects, after many years of experience in the construction field and the load of work on Fakhrizada Construction Company, there was a need for a logistic services Company. Now the logistic services will be carried out by Fakhri Sidiqi Logistic Services Company.
Fakhri Sidiqi Logistic Services Company (FSL Co) endeavors to provide our Customers with offering competitive pricing, timely response, trusted logistic services and upholds product support from order to final delivery and beyond.
Fakhri Sidiqi Logistic Services Company (FSL Co) understands the demands and responsiveness required for our customers’ unique environment, threats and offers agile, efficient solutions to meet these needs. The company has technical knowledge with all business skills, consultancy and implementation of the logistic and services projects in Afghanistan.
Our offices and warehousing facility is located in Kabul and Kandahar region which is strategically placed to serve all the provinces of Afghanistan. We can also offer an inventory service for critical or high volume products to reduce delivery time and unit costs.
The ultimate aim of establishing Fakhri Sidiqi Logistic Services Company (FSL Co) is to serve the customers with outstanding products, superior deliveries and best in class, customer service support.