Interhealth Asia (IHA)

Dr. Bashir Ahmad Mehraban
Business Activities
  • Employees Insurance
  • Insurance Agents
  • Other Insurance
  • Health Projects
  • Health Product Agents
Company Introduction
Founded in 2009, Interhealth Asia (IHA) is the first medical Third Party Administration Company in Afghanistan bringing into the Afghanistan Market an international standard of excellence which is already appreciated by a number of International insurance companies, International Assistance companies, International TPA’s and individual corporations, in other developing countries.

IHA has the largest service provider network in place covering all Afghanistan, where IHA already has contractual arrangements in place.

The fully comprehensive Third Party Administration services that are being offered are backed by market leading computer systems, as well as highly skilled medical staff managing all the claims. The computer system allows for internationally recognized medical claims management reporting, allowing our clients to manage their membership portfolios efficiently.

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