Senses Lighting Co.,Ltd.

Linda Hu
Business Activities
  • Auto Lighting System
  • Chandeliers & Pendant Lights
  • Chandeliers & Pendant Lights
Company Introduction
Senses Lighting Co.,Ltd. is the first corporation who design and manufacture chandelier hoist, chandelier winch, chandelier lifter, lighting lifter, chandelelier rotating lifter based in China. It was established in April 1999, mainly focusing on research and development, manufacturing and sales electromechanical integration products. We already have a "senses lighting" remote lighting lifter (remote chandelier lifter, light lift). This product is a national franchise electromechanical integration leading-edge product. Currently remote lighting lifter in the domestic and international markets is still a blank, this invention not only fills the gaps in the market, but also becomes a historic transformation over the past one hundred years in the hotel and your house for cleaning and maintenance of lighting products. It has very broad market prospects. This product can hoist the chandeliers and also can drop to the ideal height to facilitate the maintenance and changing bulbs by a remote control easily.