OneWorld Corporation

Nimesh Maniar
Business Activities
  • Frozen Fruit
  • Canned Fruit
  • Dried Vegetables
  • Salt
  • Spices & Herbs
Company Introduction
We are Manufacturer and Exporter of Indian Spices,Dehyrated Onion,& Garlic products,& Peanut Butter.
We export All Indian Spices like-Red Chilly,Turmeric,Cumin seeds,Cordomom,Black Pepper,White Pepper,Coriander Seeds,Fenugreek seeds,Ajama Seeds,Ani Seeds,Tamarind,Mustard Seeds,Coconut Powder,Fennel Seeds,etc in spices,Common Salts; In Dehydrated Vegetables we export Onion,Garlic,Cabbage,Cucumber,Carrot etc,Peanut Butter,Mango Pulp and other Fruit Concentrate.