weihe electric co.ltd

zoiu jq
Business Activities
  • Fuses
  • Insulation Materials & Elements
  • Switching Power Supply
Company Introduction
wei he electric suppling the electrical industry with quality insulating products.as vulcanized fiber sheet vulcanized fiber tubes, SNTHETIC FUSE TUBE LINER , filament wound tube ,bone fiber liner Heat Shrinkable Mylar Tubing Battery Jackets Battery sleeve tubes, Laminated tubing phenolic laminated tube, G7 Tubes Glass Reinforced Silicone ,G5/G9 Tubes Glass Reinforced Melamine,Phenol insulation Paper Tube,G10 FR4 G11 FR5 Tubes , Phenolic Paper Tubes,Laminated plywood,Plywood strips ,Moulded plywood,Pressure Plates, yokes, clamp plate, blocks Duct spacings ,Angle rings, caps snouts , Corner Collars,Corrugated Board,L Profiles Frames, Pressure Plates,Spacers, U Channels shape,Static rings acer Rings,Spacer StripVarnished Insulating Tube rods Transformer Bushing DMC SMC INSULATORS ,DISCONNECTOR SWITCHES etcs we will be able to advise on the best solution and manufacturer to your specifications . its are fit IEC / ANSI standard look WEIELECTRICcom