Glisten Salix FZE

Yasir Latif
Business Activities
  • Network Switches
  • Fiber Optic Equipment
  • Wireless Networking Equipment
  • Other Telecommunications Products
Company Introduction
FTTH Equipment &
Testing devices
Datacenter Infrastructure
Structured Cabling Solutions
Broadband Wireless
UPS - Power Backup
Data Backup & Storage
Enterprise Servers Solutions
Network & Security (CCTV)
Surveillance Solution

About Us

Glisten Salix operates from its head office in Hamriyah Free Zone. Our zeal and tenacity remains unmatched. Our promise to you is clear. We provide innovative thinking; take pride in supplying high performance and quality Networking, Telecommunication, Electrical, Electronics, Fiber Optics products and test equipment. We also supply reliable broadband wireless devices. Endeavour to provide quality service; we give you the technological advantage and choices so that you can make your own decisions.

Glisten Salix is specialized in supplying products and solutions which can summarized as follows:
•Fiber Optic Cables & Accessories
•FTTH Equipment & Testing devices
•Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions
•Structured Cabling
•Broadband Wireless
•Power Backup Solutions
•Data Backup & Storage
•Enterprise Servers Solutions
•CCTV & Access Control
•Electrical equipments
Glisten Salix is committed to a cooperative symbiotic model of working with others. Over its eight years of successful activities, it has developed solid partnerships with both suppliers and reseller. We supply best of breed technology solutions for our customers. We are consistently looking to improve our offering to the customers by providing them best mix of latest and reliable products