Hobum Kim
Business Activities
  • Facial Massager
  • RF Beauty Equipment
  • Skin Care Set
Company Introduction
* Integrated solution consultant

Nutricare isn't the simple manufacturer or supplier of the products for health care and beauty care (skin care&make-up&baby care)) but we are working as an integrated solution for direct selling companies including MLM companies in domestic & overseas markets.

* The below business areas are not separate on but the integrated one

We provide you the optimum business partnership according to your business circumstance.
A fully integrated ODM, OEM Manufacture and R&D center
Whatever form your health food supplement takes - capsules, tablets, powder, or liquid-, we're equipped and eager to help you to create new products you're proud to sell. Nutricare will gladly assist you in every faucets of new product development:
- Development of an individual (differentiated) new formulation
- Development of a new product based on top of the world R&D of groups
- Creation of a line extension
- Formulation of a new line of supplement.

* Manufacturer and distributor of wellness products

We manufacture and distribute quality products worldwide for MLM and Non-MLM companies. We focus on Health care (Nutrition, Health device, Water care) and Beauty care (Skin care, Personal care, Make-up, Baby Care) products.
As a leading provider of functional, organic and natural products, we guarantee high quality and efficacy. We supply our own branded products manufactured by our two mother companies or other subcontract manufacturers to our domestic & overseas buyers. We do produce health food supplements and skin care products and baby care products with the cooperation with both Daewoong and Maeil groups by taking advantage of all resources of R&D and GMP & HACCP manufacturing facilities and overseas partnership networks.
For domestic market, our clients are Network marketing companies (MLM companies), franchised drug stores, Pharmacy chains, franchised beauty shops, franchised baby store & online shopping malls and TV Home-shopping, etc.
For overseas market, our clients are Network marketing companies(MLM companies), Direct selling retailers, Pharmacy chains, Baby stores & on-line shopping malls, Off-line shopping malls & Rental companies, Catalogue sales & TV Home-shopping, etc.

* Supplier specialized in start-up & established MLM companies

We provide you the consulting service on the product launching for your successful Direct Selling or Multi-Level Marketing Company. Every Direct Selling or MLM company must have unique, quality products that provide real benefits to their members. We provide you with the products that enable your distributors to experience positive results and form a "bond" with these products. We also help you develop and expand an existing product line to maximize your profit potential.