Isabel Moreno
Business Activities
  • Organic Acid
Company Introduction
COMERCIAL QUIMICA SARASA, S.L., we are Natural tartaric Acid Manufactures and we have two plants in Spain (Madrid and Girona) our product witch has been produced under quality standard based on ISO 9001. Our raw materials are coming only from vegetable extract so we can guarantee that our product is completely natural. Look the web, for more information.
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries:
✦ It is very useful the tartaric acid optical activity and its capacity of forming complexes.
✦ The mixture of tartaric acid and sodium salts it is the base for the effervescent formulatios to prepare antacids, fruit salts and artificial sweeteners.
Gypsum industry:
✦ It is used for retarding the gypsum hardening.
Wine-making industry:
✦ It is used for correcting the acidity in the winemakingprocess.
Chemical industry:
• It is used for preparing tartars and as a chelating agent.
Food industry:
• The tartaric acid stabilizing power, inhibiting microbial activity, endows it with excellent properties as a food preservative for meat and fish.
• It is used in the manufacturing of sweets and gelatines.
• It is used as a yeast in bakery.
• To prepare efferverscent drinks.
• In the cheese making process.
• In fat industries.
• It is used as an acidulant in refreshing soft drinks.
Other industries:
• It is used as a colour polishing, fibre smoothing, textile printing and dye manufacturing.
• To regulate pH in the photographic industry.
• In galvanotechnics.