Dario Abello
Business Activities
  • Injection Needle
  • Other I.V. Supplies
  • Drugs
  • Immune Function Agents
Company Introduction
Perrery International is a pharmaceutical group with an expertise in acquisition/licensing, registration and marketing of healthcare products since 2003. Its manufacturing, product development and distribution are outsourced to third party organizations specialized in these fields. The most important goal of Perrery International is to ensure an efficient supply of high quality medicines from the manufacturer to the patient. We accept nothing but the highest attainable quality and safety standards, and are committed to deliver safe products that promote health and wellbeing. Perrery Farmaceutici S.r.l. is an Italian company licensed to use all brands and “know how” of Perrery International to offer pharmaceutical products that open new possibilities for prescriptions and high quality natural medicines. The objective of Perrery Farmaceutici S.r.l. is to ensure the development and production of efficient, safe and easy to use medicines to meet regulatory requirements and patients' needs.