"Metrology Systems" Engineering Company, LLC

Nikolay Komissarov
Business Activities
  • Stainless Steel Pipes
  • Flow Meters
  • Gas Meters
  • Water Meters
Company Introduction
Dear Sirs!
Our Engineering Company "METROLOGY SYSTEMS" designs and manufactures standard metrological equipment for calibration and testing of industrial instruments for metering of flow, amount of fluid, liquid hydrocarbons and gas of all types and principles of operation.
This equipment is widely used in petrochemical industry and is intended for calibration and testing of volumetric and mass flow meters, variable area flow meters, nozzles, orifice plates, piston provers, standard vessels and tanks, and also instruments for metering of multicomponent multiphase flows.
Our Equipment is not serial and is made under individual projects In accordance with international standards IS0 4185, OIML R105, OIML R49.
Specialists of our company have a vast professional experience and took part in creation of National standards of Russia.
Water and Oil flow meter test bench made by our company have a wide range of technical and accuracy characteristics that meet highest world standards.
Measurement uncertainty:
- mass of liquid - ±0,03%,
- volume of liquid - ±0,04%,
- mass flow rate - ±0,035%,
- volume flow rate - ±0,045%.