Ardic Leather Co. Ltd

ridvan ertan
Business Activities
  • Ladies' Handbags
  • Wallets, Purses & Card Cases
  • Other Handbags, Wallets & Purses
  • Manufacturing & Processing Machinery Parts Design Services
  • Genuine Leather
Company Introduction
. Our products are real leather and handcraft. Our models and designs are made with a big care. Belts, wallets, lady's purses, briefcases and leather present goods are being produced by handcraft with a big care. Also, we take orders for private days as new year and make them in the wanted quality and speciality..
We use rawhide. This is untanned hide of cattle. It is stiff when dry, and it is becomes supple and very stretchy when wet. The grain side is smooth and used to be the out side of the animal ..If you look closely you can still see pores and where the was attached..The rough side is the flesh side and to be the inside of the animal..It is far too absorbent to be easily treated .
100% top quality, genuine leather.Quality craftsmanship that will last a life-time.
One-piece, overlapping lid with tooled and lettered sewn on top plate .
Hand-laced or stitched lid edge for distinctive finished look .Handmade genuine leather handle, stitched or laced with leather lacing.
Rigid, all leather bottom is sewn in and cannot come loose.Something that natural is precious and beautiful, wheraas leather is natural Please , don’t forget that leather needs high interest.The leather is a living material . You can see all marks of nature on leather. There isn’t any artifical material in our work.We don't use lining, zip, machine sewing. everything is naturel.