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  • Security Services
Company Introduction
Name of the company: A to Z Services
address: P.O. Box 142 Broummana

Dubai Address: P.O. Box: 117855
Telephone number: +971 4 3373637
Fax number: +971 4 3372717

Doha address: P.O. Box: 24 520
Telephone number: +974 4 626888
Fax number: +974 4 626888

Baghdad telephone number: +964 7901 777708

Company History:

In 1978, a small organization, A to Z Services, started its operation in Lebanon. Starting from day one a clear vision and target was set for the company. Becoming a multi service organization, specializing in Building care and facility management.

Today, 34 years later, A to Z Services stands firm, a leader in its chosen field. Known for its fast and reliable services, even during the difficult periods of the Lebanese war, A to Z Services always expanded the range and quality of the provided operations. This expansion was necessary in order to satisfy the ever increasing numbers of clients. In 2003 we started our operations in Qatar, followed one year later by our branch in U.A.E. and in 2006 we established our Iraqi office. Our prime concern is the client’s satisfaction. No effort is spared in order to achieve that goal. Custom made solutions are developed to meet the special needs of our clients. Today A to Z Services operations includes the following fields:
Facility Management
Indoor Cleaning
Outdoor Cleaning
Pest Control
Landscaping Services
Electro-mechanical Maintenance
Security Services
Facility Management

The services offered in this particular field aim to provide a complete Facility Management to our clients. They are subdivided in the following categories:
Promoting and marketing the property.
Development of the property.
Marketing the property (leasing or selling).
Adding value to the property.
Management, operation and maintenance of the property.
Handling all financial transactions on behalf of the owner.
Annual budget and expenditure.
Administrative operations.
Legal matters and counseling.
Operating the property.
Maintenance of the property.
Electro-Mechanical maintenance.
Civil works.
Security services.
Cleaning services.

Indoor Cleaning:
Perhaps the title of indoor cleaning is misleading in our case. A more precise name should be building cleaning from inside and outside. The cleaning services are a huge specialization by itself. Outmost care is given to the training of our cleaning staff. Whatever the need in cleaning we are ready to accept the challenge.
The exterior cleaning includes:
Building façade cleaning.
Water blast cleaning.
Sand blast cleaning.
Window cleaning using access systems.
The interior cleaning has many subdivisions.
They include:
Office building cleaning.
Residential apartments and villa cleaning.
Hospital cleaning.
Hotel and furnished apartments housekeeping services.
Restaurants stewarding.
Plant and factory cleaning.
Schools and universities cleaning.
Furthermore the cleaning services include the following:
Carpet cleaning and shampooing.
Furniture shampooing.
Parquet waxing.
Windows cleaning.
Vinyl and linoleum floor care (waxing and polishing).
Marble restoration (grinding and crystallization).
Different cleaning operations
Outdoor cleaning
The outdoor cleaning department includes the following services:
Waste management.
Streets sweeping and cleaning.
Garbage containers removal.
Garbage collection from residential compounds.
Removal of hazardous waste (hospitals).
Sewage and man hole cleaning.
Some of our heavy equipments.

Pest Control
The objective of this service is to provide clean and pest free premises. It is divided in two main categories:
Insects control.
Rodents control.
In both cases the approach is similar. The aim is to create as much as possible, a buffer zone, outside or more precisely, surrounding the proper premises. This buffer zone should be saturated with the proper control means, liquid, powder, bait, fumigation, or traps in order to stop any incursion inside the premises. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and we are obliged to treat the interior of the premises it selves. The brand name of the used product may vary from one application to another. What is always a constant is the safety measures and quality of the used products. Whatever the means and products used, outmost care is given to the environment and human and/or pets presence inside the premises.
Pest control application

Landscaping Services
Relatively speaking landscaping services are a newcomer within the range of A to Z Services. This latest addition to our services is one of the fastest growing departments.

The services offered include:
Design and planning.
Landscaping consultancy.
Artist’s drawings.
Shop drawing.
Irrigation system design.
Execution of soft and hard landscaping.
Soil preparation.
Planting of desired plants including trees.
Irrigation system execution.
Execution of hard landscaping.
Maintenance of landscaped areas.
Pruning, hedging, cutting, weeding and all necessary operations. Irrigation system maintenance.
Application of insecticides and fertilizers.
Design, execution and maintenance.

Electro-Mechanical Maintenance
The electro-mechanical maintenance is a must for every building. Any structure is prone to wear and tear, therefore this kind of maintenance is essential in order to preserve the initial investment of any landlord. The electro-mechanical maintenance includes and is not limited to:
Lifts and elevators.
Building Management System.
H.V.A.C. units.
All kind of pumps.
PABX systems.
CCTV systems.
Low voltage units.
Plumbing and piping works.
Some of our technicians

Security Services
As one of the oldest licensed security services in Lebanon, A to Z Services continues its growth, while at the same time keeping a very discreet and low profile. Our services range from the personal body guard to private detective work, including guarding the integrity of specific premises. The core of our security team is formed by former (retired) army or Internal Security Forces personnel, ranging from privates to under officers and academy graduated officers.
Assuring the privacy and security of the residents

Property Management:
Handling all financial transactions: (Payables & receivables on behalf of owners)
Annual budgets and expenditure
Billing and collection of common utilities: (Municipality taxes, telephone, water, maintenance and civil works)
Legal Matters
Logistics & support
Real estate development & marketing