Arockia Rajprakash
Business Activities
  • Herb Medicine
  • Vitamins, Amino Acids and Coenzymes
  • Other Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Other Health Care Products
Company Introduction
MS.AJ IMPEX, a Research and Development out fit has been carrying on Research and Development activities in various herbal formulations and has developed several formulations of medicines, Cosmetic and Nutroceuticals.
AJ IMPEX is a mission is to be a primary manufacturer and supplier of active herbal phytopharmaceuticals ingredients of the highest quality and purity to the traditional pharmaceutical and emerging phytopharmaceutical Industries.
AJ IMPEX has expertise in the extraction, isolation, purification and development standardization of various formulations derived from plants and other natural sources that can be incorporated into regulated, finished formulations, prescription and Otc products to be sold by others.
AJ IMPEX believes that it has developed a competitive advantage in its ability to source important raw materials through the solid relationships. And has established in India, Srilanka, Malaysia, Austria, Germany ,USA ,Middle east and Russia with technology and suppliers of raw materials used in the production of phyto pharmaceuticals.

The Companys exclusive access to transfer certain technology of herbal products, Aloe Vera products and eco-friendly agro tech products in an excellent position to enter long-term contracts at competitive arrangements.

AJ IMPEX who developed several formulations of Medicine, Cosmetics and Nutroceuticals and have more than 75 commercially successful products to its credit. One of its missions was to explore the real value of Aloe Vera and bring it to the awareness of common people. In line has developed more than 150 products based on Aloe vera. The products of nutritional supplement, medicinal and cosmetic ranges from daily usage products like shampoo to highly medicinal valued products. Quality of these products comes from organically grown pure native Aloe Vera Gel manufactured by cold processing technology, which is superior to other technologies in respect of retaining all the ingredients of Aloe Vera.