Dubi chem marine international

Rajendra Tiwari
Business Activities
  • Other Agrochemicals & Pesticides
Company Introduction
specialisation is for Marine Shipping Indiustries, Oilfield,Metal and Steel industries, Water Treatment, Power Stations, Sewage Treatment and Desalination, Plant besides Petrochemicals, Adhesive, Detergent, Paint, Fiber Glass, Galvanizing and Food Industries.
We are also the largest supplier of these products, in the Middle East region. Raw Materials Paints Raw Materials Swimming Pool Chemicals Food Grade Chemicals Oil Field & Drilling Chemicals Oilfields * Paints * Laboratories * Laundries * Water Treatment
General Cleaners and Detergents,Floor and Carpet Care Products,Kitchen Hygiene Products,Deodorizers and Disinfectants not only in the India but also exports to Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, India, Pakistan and Africa.

Our products:-

1)Air cooler cleaner 2)waterless hand cleaner 3)Electrosol 4)metallic brightner 5)coolent 6)oil spill Dispersant 7)Degreaser Hd 8)Degreaser SB 9)Rust remover 10)Drain cleaner 11)Rustosol 12)Scale remover 13)Deck Cleaner 14)Aluminium cleaner 15)Heavy duty cleaner 16)Stainless steel clener 17)whitex bleach 18)Carbon remover 19)Boiler water treatment 20)Cooling water treatment. and many more...so

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