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Business Activities
  • Real Estate Projects
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Card Printing
  • Other Printing Services
Company Introduction
RGH is a dynamic investment group with a broad portfolio of businesses that capitalize on industry synergy to create added value.

RGH operates across the sectors of security printing, smartcard technologies, identification & payments solutions, mobile Value Added Services (VAS), supply chain services, telecom infrastructure & managed services, real estate development, lottery operations and gaming. The Group has earned the trust of governments and top tier companies in the telecom and finance sectors in over 50 countries across the EMEA and West Asia.

Our Subsidiaries:
- Inkript Industries Holding s.a.l.
- Inkript Technologies Holding s.a.l.
- Inkript Elections s.a.l.
- Serta Holding s.a.l.
- PrismaInvest s.a.l.
- Intersektion s.a.l
- Inmobiles s.a.l.
- Gamecooks
- Ridely
- Ersal
- Inswitches