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Freight Quote & Shipping Cost Request Form

Here you can see the Freight Quote & Shipping Cost Request types with short description for each one. On the base of your need, choose freight inquiry type from below links and post your freight Quote Request & Shipping Cost Request as easy as 1 2 3 . The Process will be as below:

1-  You post your freight quote request and it will be published on Wtleads portal when checked & approved by Wtleads Administrators.
2-  The Process of comparing your request with the Services of 1000s of Freight Forwarders are done Automatically by Wtleads Portal in seconds and Freight Forwarders capable of answering to that inquiry are selected by System.
3-  All the Selected Freight Forwarders are alerted by Email and they start to give proposals to you Inquiry.
4-  You will receive their Replies in your “Inbox” in “My Wtleads” Section and also you will be alerted by Email when received new replies.

By this innovated system you will receive many replies from Freight Forwarders all around the World.
( All the above processes are done in Max. 5 minutes )
So Start posting your Freight Quote & Shipping Cost Request by below links:
If you are not familiar with other types of Freight Inquiries, you can use this General form to post your Freight Quote Request.
A quotation from a carrier or forwarder covering the cost of Air transport between two specified locations.
Cargo that is shipped as a unit or package but is not containerized is called Break Bulk Cargo.
A term used when goods occupy a whole container. In this type, the goods or commodities owner seeks for full container to load its goods.
The inland transport service which is offered by the carrier under the terms and conditions of the tariff and of the relative transport document.
A term used when goods do not completely occupy an entire container. When many shipper's goods occupy a single container, each shipper's shipment is considered to be LCL.