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4700uf dc storage energy capacitor filtered capaci

4700uf dc storage energy capacitor filtered capaci

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

4700uf dc storage energy capacitor filtered capacitor
Pulse capacitor Features
Specific can density, capacitors energy storage is strong
Low ESR, high ripple current handling capabilities and Large current shock
Low Inductance, Dv/dt large, frequency characteristics is good.
Self-healing property
Long lifetime(≥100000h)
High vacuum note oil, heat dissipation of capacitor performance is stable and reliable
Huge capacitance
High thermal conductivity
DC Filter CapacitorApplications
Used for rail traffic traction or the ship drive converter.
Used for various power industry inverter, such as high voltage variable frequency drive device
Used for the harmonic management, SVG equipment.
1. Metallized polypropylene film convolute, special internal structure and non-inductive structure. Copper screw leads, fire-retardant plastic shell, or heat tape wrapped, epoxy resin sealed. 2. High frequency low ESR, can stand strong current, a very small parasitic inductance. 3. Suit inverter current, continuous current, switching power supply, high frequency welding machine and others high capacity resonant circuit.
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