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Automated Formalin Preparation & Dispensing Device

Automated Formalin Preparation & Dispensing Device

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

The First Fully Automated Formalin Preparation & Dispensing Device
Safe and Healthy Work Environment, Accurate and Easy Dosing

User Safety

Do not inhale formaldehyde which is a carcinogenic substance and avoid contact.

Patient Safety

Stable results due to preparation of formalin in the right amount every time.

Business Burden Reduction

Leave the preparation of formalin, let the device do instead of you.

Significant reduction in costs

Significantly reduce costs by purchasing large packages of concentrated formaldehyde.

Obtaining formal directly from tap
Online follow-up remaining amount of formaldehyde volume from screen
Always prepare the solution in accurate proportions
To choose powder or ready to use solution to prepare buffered formalin
Two cascade audible and visual caution when formaldehyde reduces and runs out
Automatic and manual fixing function
Date and time display function
Tank cleaning function
Ready to connect central ventilation system
User-friendly key pad and display
%10 factory set or user-defined formalin prepare options
Automatic mixing function to prevent formation of the sediment welded from formalin staying long
Integrated uninterruptible power supply
Optional stainless steel case
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