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Automobile Didactic Trainer Car Training Equipment

Automobile Didactic Trainer Car Training Equipment

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

wooden case
Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Automotive Lighting / Meter System Demonstrating Board
Size: 1260 * 850 *1860mm.
Santana 2000

Automotive Lighting / Meter System Demonstrating Board
Santana 2000

1. Introduction

The device is designed based on the Volkswagen Santana 2000 lighting/ meter system to holistically demonstrate the structure and operation of the system. All parts are original parts, before delivery through layers of inspection, production quality management according to ISO9001: 2008 standards implementation. The device applies to theoretical teaching and maintenance training of the lighting/ meter system in secondary and senior vocational skill schools, normal education and training institutions.

2. Basic Configuration

Meters assembly, headlamp assembly, front fog lights, turn signals light, taillights, rear fog lights, switch for the brake light, light switch assembly, switch for the back-up light, relays and fuse box, training panel, ignition switch, ignition keys, power switch, movable framework (with self-retention wheels), DC12 power, supporting manual and training guide book and other components.
3. Features
1. A real and operable lighting/ meter system is used to illustrate the structure and works of the system.
2. Various meters sensor switches can be operated. In this way, the device demonstrates operation of the meters signals source.
3. A color circuit diagram on the instruction board is protected by 3 mm-thick organic glass and fixed with aluminum rims. The diagram and lighting system can help trainees learn and analyze the operating principle of the system.
4. The demonstrating board is installed with detection terminals to detect electric signals, for example, resistance, voltage, current, and frequency, of circuit components of the exterior lighting system.
5. The teaching board's base frame is made of steel and the surface is paint-coated. Self-retention wheels are installed and a 40cm2tabletop is fixed on the base frame to place materials and light testing devices.
6. Fault setting and appraisal system (see fault setting and appraisal features).
4. Training content
1. Lighting/ meter system structure composition and working principle project training.
2. Lighting/ meter system turn signals, headlights, small lights simulation demonstration project training
3. Lighting/ meter system lights, meters installation location project training;
4. Lighting/ meter system each circuit element voltage, resistance, signal detection project training.
5 Lighting/ meter system circuit diagram analysis project training.
6. Lighting/ meter system troubleshooting and exclusions training.
7. Lighting/ meter system practical and theoretical examination project training.
5. Technique feature
1. Bracket adoped imported luxury car paint, sprayed at high temperatures, with anti-corrosion function.
2. Support frame material select GB high quality (40 * 60 * 3mm) square tube welding.
3. Dimensions: . 1260 * 850 *1860mm.
6. Factory

Our factory located in Pioneering park overseas Chinese Scholars Jinan city, Shandong Province.

We have very strong technical teams with more than 40 engineers and experienced workers. Our products have exported for more than 7 years.

7. We are in a good position to offer series of training set as follows:

1) Electrical technology Know-how Training Set

2) Innovative E-skills&Technology Training Series

3) MCU Technology Training Series

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7) Building Automatic Training Series

8) PC Training Series

9) Innovative industrial Automatic Control Technology Training Series etc
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