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Beautyflex Plastisol Textile Inks

Beautyflex Plastisol Textile Inks

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

1000 kgs
1,5,30 kg
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Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Beautiful Groups Inc.Estd: 1977.
Promoted Beautyflex Plastisol Inks.1993
Origin: Mumbai India.

We are the 1st [since 1993] indigenous Manufacturer & Exporter of plastisol inks & products and Heat Transfers in India since then there is no looking back. We have been acclaimed and honoured by prestigious institutions of our country for our achievements and developments.


01] Plastisol Inks for direct screen printing on T-shirts and other blends.
02] Plastisol Transfer printing inks for transfer manufacturing.
03] Plastisol CMYK Process screen inks with perfect calibrations.
04] Plastisol Backup Adhesive for transfer printing.
05] Plastisol Litho White Opaque Backup.
06] Plastisol based silver & other colour glitter printable paste.
07] Plastisol based metallic gold, silver, bronze, copper & aluminium paste.
08] Plastisol based soft base for colour mix.
09] Plastisol based crystal clear 505 for self look printing effect.
10] Clear 606 for glitter powder mixing.
11] Clear coat 786 for 1st Coat Foundation control fiberlation
12] Clear and Colour Jell. & Jeans Denims Emboss ink.
13] B2 Gel Clear. Water based EML Series
14] Water based Khadi white superior quality performance.
15] High Density Additive Clear and Colour.
16] Puff Additive clear and colour, oil & water base (for use without fusing).
17] Shimmers.
18] Reflective.
19] Foil adhesive.
20] Flock adhesive.
21] Glow in dark
22] Different types of whites from inlay to extra super opaque.
23] Transfer printing CMYK litho inks. CMYK screen process inks.
24] Sublimation CMYK litho transfer inks.
25] Discharge paste for denim jeans, cotton, lycra & hosiery.
26] Super stretch White water based.
27] Fixers, Binders & Thickeners’.
28] Foam and foam binders.
29] Offset inks
30] Screen printing inks for pvc, paper, foil etc.
31] Non-Phthalate series of plastisol. NTHL SERIES
32] Elastic White super performance water based [Elasto white].
33] PVC Free Non Phthalate Plastisol series super products, water and oil based.
34] Tatoo Litho inks.
35] Low Bleed Series whites and colours
36] No Bleed whites and colours.
37] Pearlscent inks white and colours brilliant tonal effect.
38] Direct foil effect printing inks no need for foil applications.
39] No Bleed Backup opaque white for transfers series SBW, PW, 1-Stroke
40] Hotmelt Adhesive Transfer powder for cotton, lycra, leather, nylon, rexine,
polyester, spandex.
41] Heat transfer press for transfer and plastisol finishing applications.
42] Heat Transfers multicolour any quantity.
43] Table Gum. 44] Screen Emulsions 45] Foil silver, gold & colour.
46] Mesh / Bolting cloth, Squeegee and curing gun. 47] Pigment Emulsions 48] Silicone Inks. 49] PU inks. 50] Foils different shades designs and patterns.
51] Foil binding paste 52] Nylon binding paste. 53] Hardener, Fixer. 54] Glitters different shades ready paste.
55] Magic Colour Changing ready printing paste.

Customer testing is required and should be mandatory with this product or any new product or process before running production. Our technical advice and recommendations given verbally, in writing, or by trials are believed to be correct. They are not binding also with regard to the possible rights of third parties and do not exempt you from your task of examining the suitability of our products for the intended use. We cannot accept any responsibility for application and processing methods that are beyond our control, nor can we accept responsibility for misuse by you of the products or use by you of the products outside the specified written instructions given with the products.
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