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Ceraminc Materials Tetragonal Zirconia Yttria Stabilized Powders

Ceraminc Materials Tetragonal Zirconia Yttria Stabilized Powders

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Double antistatic packing
Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Ceraminc Materials Tetragonal Zirconia Yttria Stabilized Powders
1. 3Y-ZrO2,70-80nm,tetragonal,94.7% purity
2. 5Y-ZrO2,70-80nm,tetragonal,91.5% purity
3. 8Y-ZrO2,70-80nm,tetragonal,86.5% purity

Application for zirconia yttria stabilized:
1. Zirconia is one kind which widely used in ceramic material, it has three kinds of structures of different phases, namely monoclinic, tetragonal and cubic phases, different phase content have a great impact to zirconia ceramic materials. Currently, the common is the yttria stabilized zirconia material.
2. With the increase of the molar fraction of yttria, when the yttria content is 3%, the zirconia ceramics bending strength increases rapidly to obtain the maximum strength, increase the content of yttrium oxide , the intensity value is no longer increased, and gradually turn reduced.
3. Content of yttria affect the tetragonal zirconia content and stability, and when the content of yttrium oxide is larger, it generating some parts of cubic zirconia, when the content of tetragonal zirconia is low, the intensity decreased.
4. By adding monoclinic zirconia, zirconia change Y2O3 molar fraction of the ceramic material, at a lower raw material cost while improving the mechanical properties of zirconia ceramics containing yttria, so that the anti-bending strength, hardness, density, With the ascension of the whole performance such as zirconia ceramics industrial production provided the conditions.
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