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Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Dear Sir / Madam ,

We as Charteror can negotiate for you charter party effectively and eficiently maintianf shipper interest and ship owner interest. We coordiate to provide solution on advices by and purpose achinvement on charter

We focust to provide suitalbe agreeemnt on Charter Parties ,with Genuine Clauses , Apendenture and Annexure and realistic Addendum never deciving any body interest or purpose to have sucessfull operation.

We also remain flexible to approach to maintain every body interest We remain to work on each and every type of charter parties sucessfully and to manage on it and perform on it.

We work on interantioally accepted freights based on demand and supply of vessel and on low margin of freight sharing based on mutual understand between us and ship owner.

Our Sourced Cargo is based on genuine and performable by shipper we can cover every aspect of shipping also from shipper side in order to have sucessfull operation and we beleive in importance of document which include proof to rediness and other matter of cargo provided by shipper or as need and requested by ship owner and shipping and port authorities .

We can work for bulk and break bulk Part Cargo for dry and liquid cargo for any size of vessel managing for results and objective and solutions.

We can work for any geographical reigion capable to met their market good and services trend and international demand and supply.

For Shipper we source vessel from our contact and from new sources giving market freight idea and meetign vessel details for loading and dis charging ports requirement and obligations.

Our Sourced vessel owner and operators and ship broker would maintain their operation to trasportion effectively and efficiently with success of operation and coordiantion theme achivement/s.

We can negotoiate charter party for shipper with ship owner on good terms and condition so that good can be sutiably and savely and sucessfully transported maintaining every body interest.

Our service is comprehensive and solution oriented and swift with promptness and smooth operation and with feed back to our clients and customers.

We request Local and Internatioanl Shipper and Cargo Holder ,Brokers and Exporter to provide us your requirement with your full style contact details fro every type cargo and their solution so that we can proceed with immediate for sourcing and organizing the vessels as Charterers.

We Honour our words and other Beleive and Objectives

Best Regards ,

Aamir Ali Ahmed

Sourcing Person,B.Com,MBA,

One Approach.
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