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Didactic Didactique Training Digital Analog Circuit Experiment Trainer

Didactic Didactique Training Digital Analog Circuit Experiment Trainer

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

plywood case
Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

DLDZ-MD801 Analogue Circuit Training Equipment Box type, portable trainer for technical schools, vocational schools
1. General:
Analog circuit experiment box is analog circuits, electronic technology foundation and the basic experiment teaching instrument of curriculum designing. When this product was designed full considerate the "analog circuit" experimental teaching characteristics, elaborate design, product performance is stable and reliable, and experimental flexibility, to cultivate the students' practical ability, is an ideal teaching equipment in the higher colleges, the professional technical institute, the technical secondary school.

2. System function of equipment
1, Analog circuit experiment box motherboard is made of 2 mm thick printed circuit board, positive printed with components graphic symbols and relevant attachment, opposite is printing line, and welding related components, on the motherboard with several high reliable multi-function integration piece socket, several high reliable silver long copper tube for put resistor, capacitor, diode and the transistor, etc, and a piece of the universal bread board, for put all kinds of components.
2, Also has more than 200 high reliable the locking turn fold socket (already internal connect with integration piece socket, silver long copper tube and fixed devices, ), as an experimental linkage point, test points, when experiment wiring, just take lock plugs line connected to each, and the experiment box adopts high strength aluminum alloy, appearance beautiful and easy.

1) Electrical technology Know-how Training Set
2) Innovative E-skills&Technology Training Series
3) MCU Technology Training Series
4) Machine Tools Electrical Control Training Series
5) Machine Tools Electrical Control Training Series(Model-type)
6) CNC Machine Tools Maintainance Training Series(Model-type)
7) Building Automatic Training Series
8) PC Training
9) Innovative electronics etc
10) Pnematic Training Series
11) Hydraulic Training Series
12) Sensor Training Series
13) Motor trainer
14) Mechatronic Training Series
15) MPS Training Series
16) FMS Training Series
17) Mechanical Training Series
18) Engrave Machine Series
19) Automotive training series
20) New engery training set

Packaging Detail:
1). Packaging for training kit: Plastic package + carton + plywood pallets
2). Packaging for training equipment: Plastic package + plywood pallet
Delivery Detail: 40 to 50 days after Received a
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