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Didactique Educational Equipment Laboratory Training Engineer MCU Trainer

Didactique Educational Equipment Laboratory Training Engineer MCU Trainer

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

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Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

MCU Training Equipment DLDP-YD51
1. Technical parameter
- Size of external form: 2150X700X1730mm
-AC power: Single-phase AC220V 10% 50Hz/60Hz
-Temperature: -10C~40C, environment humidity: Less than 90%(25C)
-Capacity: Less than 1kVA

2 Traning Contents
1Software experiment
Memory block reset
Binary BCD code transformation
Binary ASCII code transformation
Procedures jump table
Memory block migration
Data sorting
Hardware basic experiment

P1port input, output experiment
Relay control experiment
Use 74LS245 read data experiment
Use 74LS273 output data experiment
Series data convert into parallel data
Parallel data convert into series data
PWM convert voltage experiment
Audio control experiment
8255 input, output experiment
8155input, output experiment
Array keyboard experiment

3. Counter experiment
Timer experiment
8253 timer experiment
External interrupt experiment
Series port communication experiment
ADC0809 analog-to-digital conversion experiment
DAC0832 digital -to- analog conversion experiment
EEPROM external program memory experiment
SRAM external data program

Product series:
1) Electrical technology Know-how Training Set
2) Innovative E-skills&Technology Training Series
3) MCU Technology Training Series
4) Machine Tools Electrical Control Training Series
5) Machine Tools Electrical Control Training Series(Model-type)
6) CNC Machine Tools Maintainance Training Series(Model-type)
7) Building Automatic Training Series
8) PC Training Series
9) Innovative industrial Automatic Control Technology Training Series
10) Pnematic Training Series
11) Hydraulic Training Series
12) Sensor Training Series
13) Motor Training Series
14) Mechatronic Training Series
15) MPS Training Series
16) FMS Training Series
17) Mechanical Training Series
18) Engrave machine series
19) Automotive educational equipment
20) New energy training equipment

Packaging Detail:
1). Packaging for training kit: Plastic package + carton + plywood pallets
2). Packaging for training equipment: Plastic package + plywood pallet
Delivery Detail: 40 to 50 days
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