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French fries

French fries

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

French Fries Offer

About Foodex
Our main field is cultivation and packing fresh and frozen fruits and most of agriculture products and processing it to meet or exceed international standards and make it ready for export to provide it to exporters companies in Egypt.
In 2013 Finally we decided to export directly to our customers in all over the world .In 2013 the company turned to be exporting company in the field of agricultural products.
we implement new strategy and new policy in international trading which enabled us to occupy a privileged position in the market and enjoy credibility with our customers in the short time . In a very less time we have captured the nerves of this field. As on we have concentrated on frozen food, fresh food and herbals.

Origin: Egypt
Quick frozen French Fries (Potatoes) is a product prepared from mature, sound tubers of the potato plant; sorted tubers are washed, peeled & cut into fingers (cutting size 9&10 mm) and treated to achieve satisfactory color and then fried in edible oil or fat. Thereafter, rapid frozen and packaged in Good Manufacturing Practices according to Egyptian Quality Standard No. (2365 – 2007).
Physical Characteristics:
Characteristic of French Fries (gold).
Free from freeze injury (Brown Spots).
2-Flavor: Good and free of any strange flavors.
3-Texture: Free of foreign leaves.
Thick smooth minced texture.
Chemical Characteristics:
1-Pesticide Residual: According to Codex Alimentations.
2-Heavy Metal: According to Codex Alimentations.

Microbiology Characteristics:
Packing & Storage:
Packing: Packaged in polyethylene bags inside carton box packaging weighing 10 Kg.
Shelf life: 18 months from production date.
Storage & Shipping Condition:
Store at:-18°C.
During transport: -10°C During 7 days.
-18°C More than 7 days.
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