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GoGoNano Liquid Screen Protector

GoGoNano Liquid Screen Protector

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

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Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Nanotechnological liquid screen protector protects Your smartphone or tablet PC from scratches, reduce the fingerprints and makes the screen easier to clean. Thanks to new technology the screen protector is 100% bubble free not like regular screen protectors. The liquid shield is nature friendly and biogradable, product is based on water.

Liquid shield is a surface modification. The Liquid shield chemicals react with the upper surface molecules.

The liquid shield product is universal and can be used on devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, TVs, cameras, lenses, game consoles and any other screen.

Liquid shield IS:

* Hydrophobic and hydrophilic coating for silicon surfaces
* Chemically bonded to the glass
* Excellent mechanical properties
* Water repellent
* Antistatic
* Anti-adhesive
* Self-cleaning
* Dirt accumulation avoided
* Without use of strong detergents
* Chemicals repellent
* Transparent
* Prevent glass corrosion
* Renewable (cfr. life-time)


* Clean the surfaces from dust and dirt
* Spray liquid screen protector to the screen and install it softly with microfiber cloth. Let the surface dry for about 10-15 minutes
* For stronger protection add second layer after first one has dried. After second layer let the devices dry for about 10-15 minutes.
* Your device screen is protected now!
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