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Good halal muslim killing slaughtering house machine

Good halal muslim killing slaughtering house machine

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

50 sets
the quail meat deboner is covered by plastic wrap,
Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Poultry slaughtering processingline refers to a kind of meat-food machine which is used to slaughter cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and other poultry. Slaughtering processing line is commonly applied to slaughtering poultry. The poultry to be slaughtered are put on the slaughtering transportation line, and the slaughtering transportation line is designed for transporting slaughtered chickens or ducks. In the process, work forces are reduced greatly. Besides, the set of equipment has a significant role in saving time and improving the production efficiency. And the equipment has an early iron capacity of 1000 ~ 12000 per hour.

1. Mainly used for de-feathering chicken, duck, goose and so on
2. Each box can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward
3. With convenient operate and repair
4. A shaped type
5. Good performance,high quality
6. High efficiency
7. With different capacity ,the quantity of box and disc are different
8. Rubber figure
9. from hanging, stunning, scalding,plucking, eviscerating to cooling
10.Economize on manpower, cost
11.Skilled engineering

At present,the capacity of one complete poultry processing line which has been using by our customers can be up to 12,000 chickens or hens,5000 ducks and 3000 geese per hour. Moreover, our processing equipments have also been applied to processing the large birds,turkeys and small birds, pigeons.

Our product range consist of:
1 Live birds reception unit
2 Scaldling and defeathering unit
3 Line for manually eviscerating
4 By-product(feet,gizzard,etc) processing unit
5 Water and air chilling unit
6 Cut-up unit
7 Waxing and de-waxing unitspecialized in geese,hens and ducks' processing)
8 Cooking unit (for Chinese food)

After-sales service:
We will send our engineers to your place for installation, training and repairing as long as you need.
Marketing model:
We produce machines against orders. Due to the large production task for the production department, we talk with customers and
the technical department designs the most suitable machines for customers, then the supply department purchases the raw material
according to the drawings. In each production process, there’re quality-checking staffs. The customers can come to inspect the
machines after we finish production, and then we have transportation department to do the transportation. After the customer
receives the machines, we have our after-sales staff goes to the customers for the installation.

Why Us?
Competitive prices
Reliable and reputed vendor base
Team of adept professionals
Optimum quality products
Customization capabilities
On-time deliveries
Quality packaging.

Our Services
Good after-sale service would be provided for machine good runing and clients' well operating.
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