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Halal Frozen Chicken meat

Halal Frozen Chicken meat

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Grade A Halal Frozen Chicken Cuts produced from A grade Broiler Chicken
Halal Frozen Chicken Parts:
1) Frozen Chicken Half Breast (fillet boneless/skinless)
2) Frozen Chicken Inner Fillet (boneless/skinless)
3) Frozen Chicken Leg Quarter
4) Frozen Chicken Thigh
5) Frozen Chicken Drumstick
6) Frozen Chicken Wing 2-joint
7) Frozen Lower Chicken Back
8) Frozen Chicken Gizzard
9) Frozen Chicken Necks
10) Frozen Chicken Feet
11) Frozen Chicken MDM

Our detailed Buffalo Meat list with Chinese codes is as :-
Frozen Buffalo Meat items:-
Fore Quarter Meat- Fore qarter (11Blade(65Brisket(61,62chuck(63Chuck tender(64Cube roll(67Neck, Trimmings(99Mince
Hind Quarters- Top side(41Silver side(44Rump steak(45Knuckle(42Strip loin(46Tenderloin(31) , Shin shank(60A).
Offals-Tongue(86BTails(88ATripes(1Omasum.(60BHeart, Liver, Kidney, Lungs, Brain, Tendons, Trachea, Paddy Wack(78).

frozen fish (sardine)
Pacific Red Fish Fillet( Sebastes Alutus)
Freshwater fish
Seawater fish
Rohu Back/Belly Gutted
Mrigal Back Gutted
White Pomfret

and Many more different frozen fish .
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