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Hosting Services

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Softex owns and manages powerful dedicated high quality servers to host your website, emails, databases, web applications and portals with maximum stability & security for your data and web assets.

We maintain world-class servers in both North America and Europe providing secure, fast and cost efficient web services to millions of users worldwide.

Stay connected & Ensure ultimate security with:

-Over 95% up time based on our SLA Download SLA here
- 24/7 Automated servers facilitating in depth monitoring of your running services & offering automated detection and handling of server issues
- Automated daily backups with off-site retention, Best of bread routers, firewalls & servers with full network redundancy.
- 24/7 network operations center & on-site operations center staff.
- DWDM Ethernet backbone operating at speed up to 20 GBPS
- Originally licensed software platforms with daily patch management on all servers.
- Hardened operating system builds
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