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Industrial grade Ammonium Bromide

Industrial grade Ammonium Bromide

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Industrial grade Ammonium Bromide
CHEMICAL FORMULA : NH4Br M.W.: 97.94 EINECS No.:235-183-8
APPLICATION: Ammonium Bromide is used in the preparation of photographic emulsions and developers,in pharmaceutical preparations,as a wood preservative,forwater treatment and as a flame retardant additive.
CAS#:12124-97-9 HS NO.:28275900 Packing:In 25kg net plastic woven bags lined with plastic bags.

Name:Ammonium Bromide
Manufacture: Twin International Co., Limited

Batch No:20150512
Inspection Date:2015.05.18

Package:In 25kg net plastic woven bags.
Item Specification Test Results

1、 Appearance: White Crystal OK
2、 Assay: %: more than 99
3、Chlorides as Cl %: less 0.6 0.04
4、Bromates as BrO3% : less 0.003 less 0.003
5、Sulphate as SO4%: less0.05 less0.01
6、PH: 4.5—5.5 4.94
7、Lead as Pb PPM: less 10 less 5
8、Arsenic as As PPM: less 4 less 4
9、Moisture %: less 0.5 0.19

Comments: confirm to the standard

Remarks: we may make special specification according to customers’ requirements.
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