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Lilin Tricone Bits

Lilin Tricone Bits

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Lilin Tricone Bits
lilin TCI tricone bits
1.certified by API and ISO
2.tricone bits and PDC bits
3.large number of stock
4. high carbide insert
1) supply tricone bits , PDC bits, diamond bits, steel tooth bits, milled bits
2) apply for various information
3) large number of stock
4) certified by API and ISO
5) reliable bearing system for well drilling
6) delivery on time
7) cover all IADC code
8) with good tungsten carbide insert
114-117, 127
Lilin Soft Formation Tooth Bits
Lilin 114-117 bits are used to drill low-compressive strength, soft formation. Long projection tooth lengths are used on high offset cones to provide the greatest penetration rates possible. Wear-resistant hard facing is used to control tooth wear. On the softest bits type this hard facing completely covers the bit teeth.
Lilin Medium-Hard Formation Tooth Bits
The 127 bits are used to drill high-compressive strength, medium hard formations. Short projection teeth with reduced crest length are used in this series of bit designs. Durable hard facing is applied to reduce tooth wear.
Soft Formation TCI Tricone Bits
Lilin 437 TCI bits are used to drill low compressive strength, very soft formations. TCI bits maximize the use of both conical and chisel tungsten carbide inserts of large diameters and high projection. This cutting structure design, combined with maximum cone offset, result in high bit penetratione rates. The deep intermesh of cutter rows prevents bit bailing in sticky formations.

Lilin 3H series tricone bits
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