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Mitsubishi TD05H Turbocharger

Mitsubishi TD05H Turbocharger

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

10000 sets/ month
hard paper box
not available
Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

We supply IHI Car Turbocharger Series as Followings
RHO Series: RHO5/6/7
RHB Series: RHB3/4/5/6/7/8
RHC Series: RHC6/7/9
RHE Series: RHE 6/7/8
RHF Series: RHF 3/3V/4/4V/5/5V/6/V
RHG Series: RHG 6/7/7V/8/8V/9
RHV Series: RHV4/5
KHF Series: KHF5
JHJ Series: JHJ
We supply Mitsubishi Car Turbocharger Series as Followings
TD Series: TD10/13/15
Classic Series: 3LM/5MF/4HD/4LE/4LF/4MD
TC Series: TC15
TCO Series: TCO3/4/5/6
TF Series: TF15/TFO35/TFO7/TFO8
KKK Car Turbocharger Series
Classic Series: 3DB, 3LDZ, 3LKS, 4B,4LE, 4MF, 3HD, 3LEP, 3LKU, 4BD, 4LF, 5MD, 3HF, 3LEU, 3LKY, 4HD, 4LG, 5MDE, 3LD, 3LEZ, 3LKZ, 4LB, 4LGZ, 5MDY
B Series: B2, B3
VB Series: BV30, BV40, BV35, BV43, BV38, BV45, BV39, BV50
K Series: K02, K03, K04, K06, K14/16/24/26, K27/28/29/31, K33/34/36/361, K365/37/43/44, K52,K54
KP Series:KP 31/35/39
R2S Series: R2S

We supply varies of world branded turbochargers as followings

Borgwarner turbocharger Bosch turbocharger Brown boveri turbocharger Caterpillar turbocharger Cummins turbocharger DAEWOO Turbocharger Daihatsu Turbocharger Detroit turbocharger Deutz turbocharger EMD turbocharger F-DIESEL Turbocharger Fiat punto turbocharger FOTON Turbocharger Garrett turbocharger Greddy turbocharger Harley davidson turbocharger Hino turbocharger Hitachi turbocharger HKS turbocharger Holset turbocharger Honeywell turbocharger HTT turbocharger Hybrid turbocharger IHI turbocharger JDM turbocharger John Deere Turbocharger KAWASAKI Turbocharger KBB turbocharger KOBELCO Turbocharger Komatsu turbocharger KUBOTA Turbocharger Lancer turbocharger Mack turbocharger Mercedes turbocharger Mitsubishi turbocharger MTU turbocharger Opel turbocharger Perkins turbocharger Rajay turbocharger Renault turbocharger KKK turbocharger Rotomaster turbocharger Saab turbocharger SARD Turbocharger Schwitzer turbocharger SINOTRUK HOWO Turbocharger STS turbocharger TDI turbocharger Terex turbocharger Toyota Turbocharger TRS turbocharger rbonetics turbos VGT turbocharger VNT turbocharger Volvo Turbochager Vortec supercharger WRX turbocharger XGMA Turbocharger Yanmar turbocharger YTO Turbocharger
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