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Mitsubishi Turbocharger 49177-02521

Mitsubishi Turbocharger 49177-02521

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

10000 sets/ month
Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Mitsubishi Turbocharger started the production of turbochargers in 1991. During the period prior to that year, MHI had been manufacturing turbochargers for since 1957.
In 2011 the worldwide number of MHI automotive turbochargers produced will be over 5,000,000 per year. With its present manufacturing locations, in 2012 the total annual production capacity of turbochargers will be more than 6,000,000 per year.
Based on technological capabilities that have been developed over the years, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been building up its technical experience for more than a century and is a leading company where it concerns knowledge of materials, chemistry, vibrations, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, thermal conduction, tribology and electro physics.
The MHI Research & Development Centers embody the joint development of these overlapping areas of expertise.
MHI is currently providing a broad range of products and services to a wide diversity of turbo machinery applications: gas turbines, steam turbines, water jets, compressors and turbochargers.
MHI has been producing turbochargers for almost half a century.. The turbocharger production for industrial diesel engines started back in 1957. Later on, the program was extended with turbocharger models for the automotive industry. A considerable part of these turbochargers are manufactured at Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. in the Netherlands.
Mitsubishi Turbo takes pride in producing high quality turbos that are reliable, high tech, compact and light weight.
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