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Portable Hydraulic Educational Training Equipment

Portable Hydraulic Educational Training Equipment

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

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Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

1. Oveview
DLYY-X1 Portable type hydraulic training system, is design, research and develop according to experimental teaching outline of the national college "hydraulic transmission" for guidance, and combine with requirements of vocational training and professional further study to the fluid drive. This training device uses operating board of the open structure, all kinds of hydraulic components can be flexible install in operation board, connect with hydraulic pressure tube between components, the quick-change connector of hydraulic hose can make training experiment is fast and safe. Besides large whole set of components can be chose to upgrade! It has very strong expansibility and actual exercise, has the following features:

· Can meet the requirements of the school

· Meet the base and teaching training system of need of practical applications.

· Equipment structure is firm and has good stability

· Low noise operation

· Layout clear and intriguing design

2. Technical parameter
1). Input power: Single phase, three-wire, AC 380V, 50Hz /60Hz
2). Dimension of training box: 470*560*260mmm
3). System flow: Max 10L/min
4). Dimension of aluminum panel: 450× 480mmm

Accomplish experiment contents:

1. Directional control circuit

A) Inverting circuit of hand shuttle valve

B) Magnetic shuttle exchange circuit

2. Pressure control circuit

A) Single grade pressure regulating circuit

B) Secondary level pressure regulating

C) The unloading circuit using the shuttle valve

D) The unloading circuit using the relief valve

H) Liquid control one-way valve pressure-protection

3. The flow speed circuit

A) Enter oil-way throttle speed regulation

B) Back oil-way throttle speed regulation

C) Side oil-way throttle speed regulation

D) Speed synchronous circuit of the speed regulation valve

4. Sequence action circuit use stroke switch control

5. One-way latch circuit use hydraulic control one-way valve

6. Locking circuit use O type manual shuttle valve

7. Differential control circuit

8. Relay control hydraulic basic circuit

9. The other circuit design by themselves

3. Factory:
Our factory located in Pioneering park overseas Chinese Scholars Jinan city, Shandong Province.
We have very strong technical teams with more than 40 engineers and experienced workers. Our products have exported for more than 7 years.

4. We are in a good position to offer series of training set as follows:
1) Electrical technology Know-how Training Set
2) Innovative E-skills&Technology Training Series
3) MCU Technology Training Series
4) Machine Tools Electrical Control Training Series
5) Machine Tools Electrical Control Training Series(Model-type)
6) CNC Machine Tools Maintainance Training Series(Model-type)
7) Building Automatic Training Series
8) PC Training Series
9) Innovative industrial Automatic Control Technology Training Series
10) Pnematic Training Series
11) Hydraulic Training Series
12) Sensor Training Series
13) Motor Training Series
14) Mechatronic Training Series
15) MPS Training Series
16) FMS Training Series
17) Mechanical Training Series
18) Engrave machine series

5. Packaging And Delivery Details:
Packaging Detail:
1). Packaging for training kit: Plastic package + carton + plywood pallets
2). Packaging for training equipment: Plastic package + plywood pallet
Delivery Detail: 40 to 50 days after Received advanced payment.
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