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Saab Turbocharger 49184-03400

Saab Turbocharger 49184-03400

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

10000 sets/ month
hard paper box or wood made box
not available
Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Saab Turbocharger 49184-03400 Saab Turbocharger 465163-0001 Saab Turbocharger 452068-5003S

If you are driving Saab cars,Saab compact luxury automobile or othe models of Saab vehicles, you want a replacement for your Saab turbochargers because the engines are not so efficiency. Are you wondering where to purchase a good turbocharger for your engines;

Here We can offer turbochargers for your Saab Engines power :2.0 L (1985 cc) B201 NA,99 hp (74 kW; 100 PS) at 5200 rpm and 163 N.m (120 lb.ft),106 hp (79 kW; 107 PS) at 5200 rpm and 165 N.m (122 lb.ft),etc.

Turbocharger benefits
Firs, to improve engine emissions. The turbocharger engine can reduce the emission of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides and other harmful components in engine exhaust gas by improving engine combustion efficiency.`Turbocharger is the indispensable configuration that can make diesel engine reach the above 2 emission standards..
Second, to provide the function of altitude compensation. High altitudes, the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, the engine with a turbocharger can overcome the power of the engine due to the thin air of plateau decline.
Third, to improve fuel economy, reduce fuel consumption. Better combustion performance with a turbocharger engine, fuel savings of 3% -5%.
Fourth, to improve engine power. In case of engine displacement constant by increasing the density of the intake air, so that the engine can be multi-fuel injection, thereby increasing the power of the engine, the turbocharger installed after the engine power and torque increased by 20% to 30%.
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