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The Press Conference of 2015 China (Guangdong) International Tourism Trade fair and the 13th China (

The Press Conference of 2015 China (Guangdong) International Tourism Trade fair and the 13th China (

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Selling Lead Details

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Selling Lead Description

The press conference of 2015 China (Guangdong) International Tourism Trade fair and the 13th China (Guangdong) International Hospitality Supplies Fair( below short for”HOSFAIR
Guangdong 2015”) was held in Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou on July 7th successfully. Vice executive secretary of People’s Government of Guangdong Province Xiaojie Liu, deputy director of Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province Zhenlin Zhang and consulates in Guangzhou of different countries, kinds of medias etc. attended the conference. As the executive represent unit of HOSFAIR Guangdong 2015, GM Wong of Guangdong Xinji Huazhan Exhibition Co.,Ltd gave a speech during the conference.
GM Wong said, 2015 the 13th China (Guangdong) International Hospitality Supplies Fair will be held on Sept. 10 to 12 in the China Import & Export Fair Complex, area A, hall 1.1--5.1 and 8.1. As an important part of Tourism Trade fair, HOSFAIR bases on the topic of “Combine,Upgrade,Transcend and Win-win”will appear with an excellent new image aiming at resources comprehensive integration, scale and influence will reach a new historical high point.

Resources Integration, Accelerate Industry Transition
The biggest breakthrough point is resources integration. It is said that, in order to adapt to the development of the industry, continue to explore of the international market, Xinji group together with Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. to establish Guangdong Xinji Huazhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. Since 2015, it will organize the 13th China (Guangdong) International Hospitality Supplies Fair (HOSFAIR). Combine of the original hospitality supplies fair on June and August, with better time and larger scale, HOSFAIR will create a new fair trade platform for hotel supplies industry, lead the hotel supplies industry to open a new trend.

Upgrade Scale, Related to New Market Mode
HOSFAIR 2015 will build the world's largest hotel supplies fair with an area of 600,000 sq.m.that gathers 4,000 exhibitors with 11 special areas and 10 wonderful activities. It's worth mentioning that the fair will fully upgrade to build up main venue of 100,000 sq.m. in China Import & Export Fair Complex, and vice venue of 500,000 sq.m. in Xinji Shaxi Hospitality Supplies Expo Center.

Overstep Industry Highest Point, Activities Lead to Develop
The fair insists on creating”three industry in one fair”situation. There are totally more than 10 activities. The wonderful activities are highlights of the fair that leading the newest trend of hotel industry that centering on the activities of hotel industry, hotel supplies industry and catering industry. On the continuation of previous activities, annual meeting that held during the fair will invite experts, and scholars of industry to discuss the newest hotel industry development. At the same time, wonderful coffee and wine activities such as coffee cup competition and International cocktail festival will promote the development of industry and advantage for the inheritance of cultural. What’s more, the annual event-----the 25th China Chef Festival will be held during the fair.
Win-win Develop, the Service Theme
Under the joint efforts of all parties, the area scale increases by 30% Compared to last year. It has attracted East Kitchenware, Southstar, Nanhai ECOLAB kitchenware, Jingzhongnan catering equipment, ECOMAX dish-washing machine, Guangzhou Xingji hot and cold appliance, Baijiayang, Guangzhou Taitang hotel supplies, Tableware Supplier, Zhao-hui furniture, MAXSUN, Yisheng glass and thousands of new and old enterprises take part in the fair. Meanwhile, Kitchen Utensils Chamber of Commerce of All-China Industry and Commerce and Zhongshan Hotel Supplies Association will participate in the fair with large area. What’s more, commercial dish washing company HOBART and commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer VESTA, belongs to the world’s top 500 strong company---- America ITW, will take part in HOSFAIR Guangdong 2015, it will be the bright spot of the fair.
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