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The third country transhipment service to avoid anti-dumping

The third country transhipment service to avoid anti-dumping

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

Shenzhen TOP&PROFIT international forwarding Co.,LTD. founded in 1999.We have been engaging in developing flight course from Shenzhen to the world for quite several years.We have well-cooperated with excellent container transportation company,customs company,custome monitor warehouse and so on,paying attention to every tache of freight.At the same time,we are experienced in operating and dealing with customer files so as to assist customers to transit goods more efficiently.

We are company specialize in 3rd country transshipment/trans-loading logistics service and we provide Malaysia, Indonesia , Thailand ,Vietnam Certificate of Origin for importers save and evade anti dumping duty. specializes in re-exports, trans-loading, third-party transport (third-country trade quotas) business to avoid anti-dumping duties and other trading barriers., we provide exports of goods transport, logistics operations and related technical processes in China. We has cooperation with local factories in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia etc. offering appropriate support services for customers and provide original certificate(Form A, Form B, Certificate of Origin, BV,BV-PSI,BV-CDV,SGS, K1,K2,Health certificate, ANEXO III ) issued by the Some third country. One-stop transshipment services, stuffing & un-stuffing, endorsement of embassy Nearly 10 years of experience, which make your business smoothly.

Transshipment country service as follows:
Via Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Turkey

Anti-Dumping Product:
Porcelain ware, Alloy wheel, Citric acid anhydrous, Foodstuff, Roller chain,
Shoes, Thread studs, Roller chain, Wire rope, Lamp, Ps plate, Pvc sheet, Lock,
Ball pen, Textile, Fiberglass mesh, Fastener, Seamless steel tube , Candle,
Ceramic tile and so on.
If you have any question,pls kindly contact with me.
Johnson Wang(Manager)
Shenzhen Top&Profit Int'l Forwarding Co.,Ltd.
TEL:+86-755-22214563 / 25561163
Mobile: +86 13924580976(CN)
Skype: johnson0417 QQ: 1771551587 494666980
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