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Used inj. moulding machine Arburg Allr. 420C 1000-

Used inj. moulding machine Arburg Allr. 420C 1000-

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Details

Selling Lead Description

Selling Lead Description

machine-no.: 502061
manufacturer: ARBURG
Typ: Allrounder 420C 1000-250
year of construction: 2000

type of drive: vollhydraulisch
clamping type: Vollhydraulik
method of construction: vierholmig
clamping force: 1000 kN
distance between tie bars h: 420 mm
distance between tie bars v: 420 mm
size of mould plates h: 570 mm
size of mould plates v: 570 mm
min. mould height: 250 mm
opening stroke: 500 mm
ejector stroke: 175 mm
ejector force: 40 kN
centring device diameter of moving platen: 125 mm
centring device diameter of fixed platen: 125 mm
mould weight: 1000 kg

screw diameter: 35 mm
swept volume: 144 ccm
injection pressure: 1820 bar
screw length: 22 mm
screw geometry: 9
screw stroke: 150 mm
screw rotation: 57 min
screw torque: 450 N
plasticising rate: 154 g/s PS
number of heating zones: 4
nozzle contact force: 60 kN
nozzle stroke: 240 mm
measures of machine lxbxh: 4.24m x 1.6m x 2.1m
total weight: 3460KG
• Anti vibration mounts
• machine incl. water flow regulator
• machine without material hopper
• screen text german
• air valve fixed WAP
• core pulling hydraulically 1x
Maschinenhandel Borowski GmbH, Germany
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